Pak Ex-PM Imran Khan Charged Over Land Scam, Total Cases Now Over 140


The Counter Defilement Foundation (Expert) enlisted a body of evidence against a siblings by marriage of previous state leader and Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf boss Imran Khan for purchasing 5,261 kanals of costly land in the Layyah region at modest rates through extortion.

The Pro Layyah circle arranged a report prior to enlisting the body of evidence against Dr Uzma Khan, the sister of Imran Khan, and her significant other Ahad Majeed.

As per the main data report (FIR), Dr Uzma Khan had purchased 5,261 kanals in the Nawan Kot area of Layyah at an expense of Rs130m through misrepresentation and political tension while the land’s genuine cost was Rs6 billion.

Dr Uzma Khan imparted enrollment of the land to her significant other, Ahad Majeed. The land was purchased close to the More noteworthy Thal Waterway project.

The FIR said the nearby individuals had hardly any insight into the task while the data was accessible with Dr Uzma Khan and she needed to take unjustifiable advantage from the arrangement.

The Expert authority uncovered that 500 kanals were grabbed from the nearby individuals and they were driven by the locale organization away from the land, which was unlawful.

Ghulam Asghar Patwari faked changes of 2,000 kanals.

The Pro enrolled the argument against Dr Uzma Khan, Ahad Majeed, and patwari Ghulam Asghar.


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